Slochowsky & Slochowsky, LLP

New York City Landlord / Tenant Real Estate Law

Our History

Founded in 1950, Slochowsky & Slochowsky LLP, has been representing Real Property Owners, managers, and the industry since its inception. The firm specializes in Landlord/Tenant litigation, in both the residential and commercial settings, as well as co-ops and condominiums.

Our dedication and loyalty to our clients has yielded a longevity of attorney client relationships with some of New York City's leading real estate management firms, who have been clients for many years, decades and generations.

Over the years, the firm has gained recognition as one of the leading Landlord/Tenant firms in the City of New York. The firm offers experienced, and zealous representation both at the Courthouse and at our offices. Our partners and experienced associates are at the Courthouse on a daily basis.

Our experienced staff, proactively monitors each summary proceeding from the initial predicate notice through the eviction process. Our state of the art computer system is geared to monitor all aspects of each matter, so as to ease and accelerate the process for the client and its staff.

We are pleased to introduce our new on line case tracking system, which enables all of our clients to enter a dedicated ID number and password and access all of their pending litigation, case statuses 24 hours a day, seven days a week.